Totango Engineering

Welcome to the Totango engineering blog

We are the Totango engineering team. Welcome to our blog.

Totango is a startup company headquartered in the Silicon Valley (San Mateo to be exact) with its main engineering office in Israel (Tel-Aviv to be exact). We build customer-success software that helps the world's leading SaaS providers use their data to better grow and support their customers.

As an engineering organization, we deal with challenges of collecting and processing massive amounts of data (way back when, this was called Big Data, but that's old timers speak in 2015), and of creating a user-experience that takes all this data and turns it to meaningful insights and actions for our users.

We'll write about those challenges, and others related to operating a cloud service at high-scale on this blog.

Some of the technologies we use and love are listed below, but honestly, this changes all the time because we love trying new things and technologies.

Hope you'll enjoy our writings.

Oh, and if you're a great engineer and want to join us and build awesome software please contact us. You can write to or find me online and tell me how you can help!

Oren Raboy