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How Totango uses Apache Spark

Earlier this week we presented at the Big Data & Data Science - Israel Meetup. Thanks much for all those that attended, we had around 150 big data engineers join us. It was great meeting so many smart people using (or looking to use) Spark for their data processing projects!

AWS re:Invent 2015 - Summary for the busy software engineer

Totango proudly runs on Amazon Web Services. Our technology stack deeply leverages what AWS has to offer - from basic EC2 instances to services such as RDS, DynamoDB and Kinesis that provide higher level abstractions. While it is not without flaws, AWS is a key ingredient in our ability to

Testing Spark Data Processing In Production

One of the challenges we’ve been focusing on lately at Totango is improving testing infrastructure for our data processing pipeline. Our goal is to be able to deploy new code into our core data processing platform with confidence and velocity. While this sounds like a pretty straightforward need, turns

How Totango uses Elasticsearch to build the world’s finest Customer Success Platform

This post originally appeared on blog and is cross-posted here. How Totango Drives Customer Success Totango is all about analyzing customer data and translating it into actions for improving Customer Success. With Totango, a Customer Success Manager can get instant feedback about which users require special attention, so

Yes, we are hiring!

That's right - we are looking for great engineers to join our team in Tel-Aviv! Full-stack & Front-end engineers We do true "full-stack" work, from Micoservices running in the background to a modern, beautiful feature-rich web-application code. If you like technology and shipping code you'll love working with us! Technologies: